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Dermal Microneedles

In this study, microneedles were used to facilitate a faster diffusion of transdermal glucose. Microneedles were used in transdermal drug delivery studies. A franz cell with pigskin as a membrane was employed as the main setup for in vitro passive diffusion studies. Real time monitoring of diffusion of transdermal glucose was monitored using a fiber optic biosensor with glucose binding protein immobilized on Nickel-Nitriloacetic acid agarose beads as sensing membrane. Results showed faster diffusion rates with the use of microneedles compared with uncompromised skin and the transdermal glucose concentrations were also increased. This showed that microneedles could be promising tool for noninvasive glucose sensing.

C Tiangco, A Andar, F Sevilla III, G Rao, L Tolosa –Sensors & Transducers; Toronto Vol. 28,  (Apr/May 2018): 2-6.

figure 2