IFPAC 2022, Poster Presentations at Washington DC: (from left) Vikash, Dr. Rao, Shayan, Dr. Antonio Moreira, Sadique, Vida and Joel.

PhD Candidates from CAST at UMBC Fall 2022 Candidacy ceremony at UC Ballroom: (from left) Sadique, Hasib, Joel, Vida and Dr. Rao.

PREP 2022, Conference at Baltimore: (from left) Dr. Douglas Frey, Sevda, Pegah, Revati and Aaron.

Christopher Slaughter and Hasib Hasan testing their Glucose Sensor at CAST.

BioMOD Training Session post-COVID19: (from left) Shayan, Benjamin, Aaron, Hasib and Revati.

Lynn Wong’s PhD Defense celebration: (from left) Vida, Pegah, Hasib, Aaron, Revati, Joel, Lynn and Vikash.

CBEE Halloween 2022: Chad Sundberg (Policy Lead) and Revati Kadolkar (Vice President) are members of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).