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CAST started as a core group of faculty researchers and students from the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute and the Center for Fluorescence Spectroscopy. With our 2007 expansion into a UMBC campus center, we now have faculty from several other affiliated departments and centers.

Research Faculty  

Govind Rao

Xudong Ge

Yordan V. Kostov

Leah Tolosa

Manohar Pilli

Chandrasekhar Gurramkonda

Abhay Andar

Research Staff/Assistant

Mike Tolosa

Brandon Wagner

Priyanka Rauniyar

Cindy Lamothe (Admin Assistant – COEIT/CAST)

Graduate Students

Sheniqua Brown

Benjamin Punshon-Smith

Mustafa Al Adhami

David Burgenson

Undergraduate Interns

Erick Gutierrez

Elizabeth Tan

Shayan Borhani

Anirudha Rao

Meera Mysore

Harley Edwards

Vandan Thakkar

Eric Ankers

Violet Haya

Anjali Shankar

High School Interns

Niki Gooya

Samyukta Rao

Lei Tolosa

Neelesh Mupparapu

Leanne Domingo

Collaborators – UMBC Campus

Douglas Frey

Collaborators – Off Campus 

David Wood – Ohio State University

Past members

Karuna Mupparapu (CAST Lab Manager)

Chariz Penalber (Postdoc)

Dagmawi Tiluhan (Research Assistant)

Chang Wu Mungai (Undergraduate Intern)

Aravind Yeramilli (Undergraduate Intern)