Yordan V.Kostov

Yordan V. Kostov is an Assistant Director, Center for Advanced Sensor Technology Research and an Research Associate Professor, Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Title: Research Associate Professor


Odessa Polytechnical Institute(Ukraine) EE M.S. 1987
Bulgarian Acad. of Sci. (Bulgaria) EE/ChemE Ph.D. 1995
University of Hannover, Germany Fluorescent sensor studies 1995 (post-doc)
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute Fluorescent sensor studies 2000 (post-doc)

2004-present: Assistant Director, Center for Advanced Sensor Technology, UMBC.
2000-present: Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, UMBC.
1999-2000: Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Biotechnolgy Center, UMBI.
1994-1999: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biotechnics, Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria.
1993-1994: Design Engineer, Central Laboratory for Bioinstrumentation and Automation, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.
1987-1989: RF Microcircuits technology Engineer, Institute “Electron” – Sofia, Bulgaria
Research Activities

Optical and electronic instrumentation design, Taught Electrical Engineering elective course on Biomedical sensors. Participated in SBIR review panels.
Awards and memberships

Gaden Award for the most influential paper in biotechnology for 2001, first author
Award “For outstanding achievements” in the competition “Bulgarian young inventor ’97”
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD, Germany) Fellowship, 1995
Bulgarian Ministry of Education Golden Medal for Academic Achievements, 1987
Selected publications

Hanson, M.A., Ge, X., Kostov, Y., Brorson, K.A., Moreira, A.R., Rao, G. (2007) Comparisons of optical pH and Dissolved Oxygen sensors with traditional electrochemical probes during mammalian cell culture. Biotechnol.Bioeng. 97, 833-841
Smith, D., Kostov, Y., Rao, G. (2007) SPCE-Based Sensors. 1. Oxygen Sensing Using Surface-Plasmon Coupled Emission from Ruthenium Probes. Sensors and Actuators B 127, 432-440
Petrova S., Kostov Y., Jeffris K., Rao G. (2007) Optical Ratiometric sensor for alcohol measurements. Anal. Letters 40, 715-727
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Sin, A., Chin, K.C., Jamil, M.F., Kostov, Y., Rao, G., Shuler, M.L. (2004) The Design and Fabrication of Three Chamber Microscale Cell Culture Analog Devices with Integrated Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Biotechnol. Prog. 20, 338-345.
Ge, X., Kostov, Y., Rao, G. (2004) Low-Cost Noninvasive Optical CO2 Sensing System for Fermentation and Cell culture, Biotechnol.Bioeng. 89, 329-334
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